About This Project

With the development of Poppelstykket 8, 2450 Copenhagen SV, PROPRECO has delivered a complex planning redefinition from commercial industry to residential. PROPRECO has carried out the entire process of concept development, obtaining planning permissions, government approvals and negotiations with tenants.

The project on the Poppelstykket totals 17,102 m2, of which 12,828 m2 are student accommodation and the rest are service industries, shops, cafes and offices.

Poppelstykket is located close to Grønttorvet and Valby Sports Arena, which is being transformed into attractive neighbourhoods with homes, businesses, shops and sports arenas.

At Grønttorvet there will be about 2,500 homes as well as shops, cafes and institutions. In the middle of the district a large park will appear when the current industrial area has been demolished.

Valby Sports Arena will become a designated sports destination in Copenhagen. The park is being developed with facilities for sports clubs, sports associations etc., which can contribute mutually to each other whilst maintaining high-quality sports